PURA Indonesia: Locally Made, Pure as Nature

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Written By 
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

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Get tasty food is not as hard as it is before since we have been provided with various food that spoils our tongue. But, somehow we didn’t realize that we deceived by our taste buds turned out did not necessarily good for our health. And of course, this issue has been problematic in this modern age since we tend to ignore that our health is determined by what we eat. This phenomenon has been captured by local brand such as PURA Indonesia (@puraindonesia) to strongly supports healthy lifestyle movement and change the habit by presenting a good quality product.

Engaged in natural spices and food seasoning, PURA Indonesia has been established since 2017 by Johan S. Hermawan & Monica Liando. Monica told that initially, these two were consumers of Himalayan Salt. However, thinking about the inefficiency to buy it overseas, they tried to find it in here and turned out that distributed local Himalayan Salt holds poor quality. “Therefore, we did an observation and found it later that Himalayan Salt consists of different grades. So, started from there, Pura is committed to producing high-quality Himalayan Salt that passed food grade, and ISO certified,” said Monica. Not to mention, considering that Indonesia is rich in spices and high demand, we also produce local products where it can potentially compete with international markets, emerged Pura Seasoning—means the product is free MSG, preservatives, artificial flavorings, and additives.

(Photo source: Pura Indonesia)

The name itself derived from the word ‘pure’ as it’s in line with PURA Indonesia’s value: to present quality product by choosing the finest ingredients and completely natural. “Our mission is always to create a product for everyone to enjoy without worrying about what they consume,” as Monica states it. For that, PURA always gives its best effort to elevate its products by applying strict procedure in production. From selecting the ingredients, the making process to test the product both in the private and third party’s lab to ensure PURA’s quality to be good. All these efforts made PURA certified with ISO, Kosher, and HACCP (food safety).

"We believe a good brand not only must have strong values but also 'walk the talk’”

While new habits slowly give grievous effects, PURA Indonesia tries to open society’s mind about natural products to support a healthy lifestyle. “We believe a good brand not only must have strong values but also ‘walk the talk,’ said Monica. Through its Instagram, PURA Indonesia tries to engage people in balancing their life with healthy food and natural ingredients. As for preserving trust from their customer, PURA always opens about its ingredients. Continues to educate people, PURA established its talk show called ‘PURA Talks’ featuring some of the nutritionists, food experts, and chefs to share their knowledge related to a healthy lifestyle.

(Photo source: Pura Indonesia)

In their journey, PURA Indonesia has grown into a local business that strives to give goodness on society. In its second year, PURA already had been nominated as the Food Innovation Award by SIAL Interfood, one of the largest food exhibition networks. “But for us, the biggest achievement of all is our consumers’ enthusiast and trust to PURA. Their support has been our trigger to keep innovating and giving the best of the best,” adds Monica. PURA Indonesia sure made local products elevate more both in quality and values.