Make It Better: Keep Healthy While Travelling

Chair / Creative

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Illustrated By
Adhelia Sani Pramita

Tips for BODY

Stay healthy while travelling starts from your body. Try some tips below to take care your body when you’re having fun with your trip

  1. Fulfill your vitamins and supplements needs
    Vitamins and supplements help to provide additional nutrition that suit your body’s It’s important to bring them everywhere you go.
  2. Sleep well
    Even when you’re travelling, a good night sleep is require to keep you.
  3. Eat right
    Most of you might think that travelling means you got a free pass to eat whatever you want. However, it’s still important to maintain your meal to stay healthy while travelling. Try eat sufficiently and not overdo.
  4. Take a walk
    Asides it’s good for your health, walking make your trip more fun. There are many interesting things you can see and get when you’re walking, like eating in hidden local restaurant, unique spots, and meet interesting.
  5. Drink water to hydrate yourself
    Don’t let your trip makes you dehydrated. Always carry water wherever you are. It’s good for your skin too.

Tips for SKIN

Here some good tips you can do for your skin. Don’t forget, maintaining your skin health is important too!

  1. Bring your favorite sunblock
    It’s not just about getting a sunburn, prevent your skin from the sunlight is good to avoiding you from dryness to skin
  2. Anti-bug spray or cream
    Protect your skin from any kind of bug bites with anti-bug spray or cream. Don’t let itchy skin ruin your trip!
  3. Hydrate your skin with moisturizer
    Not only your body needs to be hydrated, your skin needs it too. Use your daily moisturizer day and night whether you’re going out or just stayed in your hotel.
  4. Facial spray as a refreshment
    Carry your facial spray to make your skin looks fresh and bright all day.
  5. Don’t forget your facial care
    To dust away the dirt or pollution of your face, you have to bring your facial wash and You don’t want to catch acne after your trip, do you?

Tips for Mind

To keep your mind in peace is another way to stay healthy while travelling. Here some tips you can do to calm your mind

  1. Keep the positive vibes
    Stay far away from any negative vibes and keep close to positive vibes instead. Don’t let any bad feelings or mood swings control your mind while travelling, because it will replace any good memories you had on your trip and leave you with regrets and stress. Believe it, you don’t want.
  2. Do some fun activity
    Put any interesting and exciting sites and activities on your trip list. Go out and try to really have fun with any plans you had while you’re travelling! (Even with things you don’t plan).