Time Traveling Tofu

From all the trendy and hip foods around you, there’s always one that stays in your heart. Follow the story of two loyal customers who’s coming back for more to their favorite culinary spot.


Get Out of Digital with Macramé

Originality / Creative Written By Annisa Puspa Andira Edited By Fazrah LR Heryanda … 02/10/2019

What We Love: Flower Creation by Onni House

Originality / Lifestyle

Showing what we love for this month and we couldn’t be more excited for the flower power.


Where to Go: Ampel

Originality / Chill

Although it’s been known as a historic and religious tourism in Surabaya, Ampel has more sides to offer. As we stroll along the path, we find places and stories that we certainly shouldn’t hold it to our self.


Where to Go: Local Independent Bookstores on Bustling Cities

Making A Scene / Chill

Call all the bookworms, because we have a list of local independent bookstore that you can visit to.


Biblioaction, Where You See Visual Literacy

Upping The Tempo / Chill

Two inspiring teachers from Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) Surabaya has a creative way to liberates children’s mind and bring them closer to literacy.


Travel Diary: Wamena, Papua by Barry Kusuma

Making A Scene / TravelSlideshow

Take a peek on Barry Kusuma’s travel diary in Wamena as he discovered lessons and culture that simply can’t get without experiencing itself.


Basha’s Listicle: Creative Markets Around The World

Making A Scene / Chill

Dive into creative scenes from around the world as artisans and creators showing their creation. We give a list of different kind of international creative markets where you can see how creative business has got a lot bigger these days.


A further exploration of the individual’s laboratory within our mind, Basha Market – Mad Lab is designed as a labyrinth containing hundreds of room with unique ideas and creations by our ‘Mad Scientists’. Shifting away from the use of murals, Basha Market presents Basha X, a collaborative stage where ideas and experiments collide. A collaborative effort between 4 creative studios – Sciencewerk, AR&co, Main Studios & Waft Lab – this multidimensional project presents ‘What You See Is Not What You Get (WYSINWYG)’ concept spanning design, robotics and augmented reality to welcome visitors into our white lab.

Transmogrify is powered by AR&CO presents characters from Pionicon and Basha, where visitors could transform themselves into unique characters, Visitors can capture their moments and have fun with their family while visiting Basha Market. This program is also to introduce basic AR technology to general audience. The Augmented Reality technology also applied to the illustration showcased and users could play with the hidden character spread throughout the event spaces by downloading Basha Market Decoder app in Google Playstore.

Fiction is a tongue in cheek illustrated canvas by Sciencewerk. Intentionally twisted, inspired, copied, ripped from the masterpiece paintings from Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, etc. The illustration is act as an interactive showcase where people could scan using the Basha Market app to take a fun photograph with the hidden character.
As part of our effort to evoke the creators in our audiences, Basha has collaborated with Kreavi, Indonesia’s biggest creative network, to invite the Mad Scientists in our audience to use whatever materials they can get their hands on to create the perfect robot to be exhibited during Basha Market. The top 10 creations are being exhibited right here at Basha Market as a testament to the potential of our local creative industry. Submissions are judged by representatives from Basha, Kreavi, Sciencewerk and also Dr. Ir. Achmad Affandi (Head of IT of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November) and Rudy Dikairono, ST, MT, MSc (Head of Robotics Laboratory of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November).



In May 2014, Basha Market present Hyperspace series for those who are into science fiction and deep space. With it’s own unique graphic signature we created several different themes from Relativity, Black Hole, and anything related to space exploration. Hyperspace is the very first bazaar in Surabaya with open space photobooth concept with space exploration theme. The first bazaar that introduced art workshop and exhibition in Surabaya. Generate more than 55.000 visitors in 3 days with over 120 vendors.

Art Exhibition
Art exhibition presented by local artists and supported by local art communities and forums. The work displayed for public view and opportunity for artists to showcase their work to the public, this series we are working with Kreavi and Fabula Agency presenting Indonesian Young Artists.

Various vendors, startup focused from Food, Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Accessories, to Baby Shop.

Open Space Photobooth Wall
The very first bazaar with open space pop-up photobooth with design centric, open space concept with educational information about space explorations with mini star installations.

The first Bazaar in Surabaya curating a workshop together with Lingkaran.Co, a small workshop spaces for anyone who are interested to learn more about art and craft.



Basha Market on Broadway
5-8 December 2014
Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya
40.000+ Visitor Count
80 Fashion & Food Vendors

Basha’s first thematic concept inspired by the street of Broadway, presenting a unique bazaar experience with an exciting atmosphere, designed for anyone who enjoy pop culture, food, and art. Promoting local art scene and building community for everyone.

Open Space Photobooth
The very first bazaar with open space concept, pop-up photobooth with design centric and promoting local creative industry done by local illustrator.

Various vendors, startup focused from Food, Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Accessories, to Baby Shop.

Art Corner for Kids
Art Corner for Kids with exciting activity to introduce art, design, and colours.

Beauty Corner
Special area for beauty parlour where visitor could do fashion makeover during the event.




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